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Who is Imzzy

Imzzy is a top ethical hacker and CyberSecurity Expert who has protected many corporations and individuals from getting hacked.
He is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of an American company called American Medical Care.
Imzzy has well over 200 clients from about 50+ countries.
Imzzy is also a seasoned investor who helps his clients make money in cryptocurrency.

Top Ethical Hacker & Cyber Security Expert.

Imzzy has mastered the art of hacking and has helped his clients achieve that safety and trust which is missing in this hacking world.

  • Birthday: 6 July 1995
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  • Phone: +91 8197199642
  • City: Bangalore, India

Imzzy has solutions for all. However small or big the issue is Imzzy has got your back.
Imzzy fixes your cybersecurity issues quickly and with high priority. Imzzy only works on one case/project at a time to dedicate complete attention to the project so that you get the quickest response and super fast solutions.


All the clients rate imzzy a 5 on 5 stars and love imzzy and his work.
Imzzy goes above and beyond to help his clients any time, any day & any timezone. You need it and Imzzy delivers.

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Imzzy Provides all types of ethical hacking and cyber security services. May it be phone hacking or phone security, desktops computers servers workstations supercomputers you name it and imzzy does it all.

Personal Device Hacking and Security

Imzzy provides top-level Personal Device Security with skills of the highest caliber.

Corporate Hacking and Security

Imzzy protects from corporate espionage and also trains employees to better protect themselves.

Web hacking and Security

Imzzy provides Websites and web Application security with pentest, server monitoring, and secure server setups.

Cloud Hacking and Security

May it be cloud deployment, cloud security, or attacking hackers' cloud to get your cloud access back. Imzzy is the answer to it all.

On-Demand Consultation

Imzzy provides 1-on-1 On-demand consultation where you get personalized solutions on the spot.

Untraceable Secure Phones

Imzzy gives you the most secure phone on the planet with untraceable features and complete privacy with the utmost peace of mind.


It is very easy to contact Imzzy. Use any of the method below but for quick response use whatsapp.





Imzzy is available 24x7 and in any time zone just make an appointment prior to work.